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Chelsea Discipline Continues to Slip

Chelsea versus Arsenal is always one of the most heated games in the Premier League. The London derby is no stranger to tempers flaring and, in many ways, it’s what fans have come to expect. They want to see their teams put everything on the line to secure the win. They want to see hard challenges - with a card or two being inevitable.

Yet, the debacle of what happened at Stamford Bridge on 19th September is still being played out. The game was a gritty one, seeing two Arsenal players, Gabriel and Santi Cazorla being sent off.

However, the headlines focussed on Costa’s theatrical performance, in which the Brazilian-born Spain international berated the referee until he showed Gabriel a red card.

This event happened after Costa clearly struck Koscielny in the face with his hands whilst jostling for position in the box.

Check out the clip of the incident below.

This comes off the back of some dismal results by Chelsea, which sees them languishing in 15th in the league, and slumping to 15/2, as judged by betfair at the time of writing, to retain the title.

The pressure is certainly intensifying for the Blues.

Costa could pay the price
Costa has been cited by the FA for his behaviour, which if found guilty, could result in a suspension for him.

Costa is no stranger to controversy, having been banned for three matches for a stamp on Emre Can against Liverpool.

There’s no denying that the Premier League is one of the more physical domestic leagues. This is the league that spawned Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane after all. But there is an intelligent way to play physical and wind up players - and it looks like Costa hasn’t quite mastered this skill.

Furthermore, Jose Mourinho responded in a short fused manner in his post-match interviews, further suggesting that he is in an uncomfortable position and is feeling the pinch. He defended Costa, despite a somewhat universal backlash from pundits and the media towards Costa’s actions.

A win is a win

Chelsea walked away from the clash with a much needed 2-0 victory. In this sense, it was a good game for them - but with their star striker in trouble again, it’s looking like it was an expensive win.

Costa could really do well in the Premier League. His playing style suits it perfectly and the English fans love a player who can get physical. However, what fans of the league do not like is someone who openly bends the rules or manipulates the referee.

If Costa can reign in his discipline and be a bit more subtle with his actions, he could go down as one the greats of the league.