Because less players equal more space to pass and move

Danny Welbeck has sent a title warning to the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City

Arsenal forward Danny Welbeck has sent a title warning to the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City.

He says that the club’s end of season form is a strong reminder that they will be competing for the league title from next season. Arsenal have won the title since the 2003-04 season. However, it is firmly believed that the club will be setting their sights on winning the league title after having achieved back-to-back FA Cup successes. Welbeck just completed his first season at Arsenal after his £ 16 million move from Manchester United.

The England international got a number of first-team opportunities during the start, but he has been shifted towards playing as a winger once again at Arsenal. His desire to play as the striker was one of the primary reasons behind a move away from United. Now, though, Welbeck is concentrating only on winning trophies. The England international is aware that the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City will be hard to dispose when it comes to the title challenge, but the team has strengthened sufficiently in the last two years. More names are expected to come to Arsenal in this transfer window with goalkeeper Petr Cech being the most significant one.

The Chelsea goalkeeper is expected to cost around £ 10 million. “Chelsea won the league and credit to them. They were very consistent last season with their performances and results.There have been times when they might not have played that well but they’ve still got the results. They’ve got a winning mentality, they just move onto the next game and get those three points.With Arsenal, at the start of the season we weren’t getting as many points as we should have and that’s obviously held us back further down the line,” said the Arsenal forward.