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Fabregas Saga Continues

Anyone else bored of the Cesc Fabregas transfer saga yet? To me it seems that Arsenal are firmly closing the door in Barcelona’s face, yet they still persist with their petty PR stunts to discourage all Arsenal fans and promote the idea that Fabregas is destined to return to his home town club sooner rather than later.

Arsenal have stood their ground as they own Fabregas and have the right to refuse any advances towards their talisman, so why do Barcelona continue to ruffle feathers in North London when they have been firmly told “No”?

Cesc Fabregas left Barcelona’s academy at the age of 16 to move over to England and sign for Arsenal. At the time this was due to Fabregas believing he would not be given the opportunity in Barcelona given the strength of the Catalan academy. Barcelona were unable to prevent Cesc from leaving the club due to being too young to sign a professional contract. Barca were perturbed to say the least but they knew they had Lionel Messi also waiting in the wings. Fabregas went on to make his debut in the Carling Cup for Arsenal in 2003 and within a year he was knocking on the door for a spot in the first XI after signing his first professional contract in 2004.

During Patrick Vieira’s final season with Arsena is when Fabregas’ talent became visible and he went on to lift the FA Cup and cemented his place in the first team squad. As Vieira left and Fabregas was drafted in to the starting eleven he grew in stature and the rest, as we know, is history.

Ever since Fabregas broke in to the Arsenal team his history with the Barcelona Academy was well documented, but Fabregas insisted on numerous occasions how committed he is to Arsenal. I can understand if he was to come out and say “I want to go home” but this has never been said and because of this the talk of a transfer has grown.