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Green and Gold

As I write this in the dying embers of the Manchester United v Liverpool clash I can’t help but notice the growing numbers of green and gold scarves being twirled above the heads of the jubilant Manchester United fans. These scarves are a protest against the American ownership of the Glazer family who have plummeted United in to astronomical debt. Although it is business as usual on the field, on the terraces there has been a growing hatred towards the Glazer’s tenure which is now starting to rear its head in public.

I am not saying that I am in support of the anti-Glazer movement but I do hold some sympathy for the true die-hard United fans who have seen the finances of the club that they love go in to the red due to the debts the Glazer’s owed in America before they brought out Martin Edwards in 2005.

The green and gold scarf has become a must have accessory for any United fan who wants to show their dissatisfaction towards the Glazers. The colours are the original of Newton Heath FC who evolved into the monster football club Manchester United, who bore the colours on their away kit in 1992 as a tribute.

Delia cooks up support for the anti-Glazer movement

What bugs me about the Green and Gold campaign is the amount of Manchester United fans who wear these scarves alongside the latest home or away strip. Surely if these fans believe in the Green and Gold they would not be wearing the latest AIG sponsored shirts which fill the back pocket of the Glazer family. I’m sure the core campaigners won’t wear the latest United shirts anymore but I get the impression a lot of the scarf owners are not fully aware of what they are campaigning for.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to see any club have financial difficulties but surely if these campaigners were serious about their protest they wouldn’t be wearing the latest product, thus funding the Glazer Corporation. I wish the true campaigners good luck in their protest but I urge those United fans who just see the Green and Gold scarf as an accessory to consider the values of what they are draping around their necks.