Because less players equal more space to pass and move


Juventus could be the first team to lift the UEFA Champions League in recent Italian football history.

The Serie A champs started out quietly on the continent but they have now made a statement as they are on course to have the best defence in Champions League history.

Juventus could set a new defensive record as they have conceded just twice despite now being a leg into the finals in Cardiff this June. Juventus played a high-scoring Barcelona team yet came out unscathed. They have the best backline in the whole continent this term and it could very much aid their route to the title.

On the other hand, history could be playing a fast one on them. Aside Juve, Ajax in 1995/96 season conceded only a few goals and they made the finals of the Champions League. They placed second. Same with the Invincibles squad of 2005/06; Arsenal made the finals but also ended up runners up. Could Juve also take this sterling defence all the way to Wales and finish second place?

The Ajax team hold the record for the least goals conceded across a Champions League year in three. If Juve do not concede again this year, they would break that record. As it stands, their impressive home record means Monaco might not get a goal past Gianlugi Buffon in the return leg. If they make the final and the game goes to a shootout, Juve might break the record of the Dutch giants.

If Juventus manage to lift the UCL this year – which is a big possibility despite any of the Madrid sides being the opponent – it would be the first time they do so in 21 years. They have mostly made the quarter finals and Round of 16 since they last won it but after learning their lessons in 2015 against Barcelona in the final, this could be their year – but they would have to stop Real Madrid from breaking the record of being the first team to do a back to back.