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Messi to Manchester City?

Lionel Messi is probably the most coveted player in the world of football as the Argentine attacker is a performer that just about any coach or club would want to sign.

The possibility of any club actually signing Messi is extremely unlikely as his relationship with Barcelona is very meaningful and not only in the football aspect of things but also in his personal life as the Catalan club aided the Argentine by covering his medical costs and paying for his growth hormone treatment, as well as settling the legal fees in his recent court battle.

There are certain players that come to mind whenever a club is mentioned - this is the case of Paolo Maldini who performed with AC Milan for over 20 years. The Italian defender marked his name in the history books of AC Milan as one the best players ever to wear the red and black jersey and Messi is the same thing with Barcelona.

It seems extremely hard to believe or imagine Lionel Messi wearing any other jersey besides Barcelona but the latest rumors have been linking the Argentine attacker with a potential move to Manchester City.

According to the former Barcelona president Joan Laporta, there are factors going on, and people that want to see Lionel Messi making a move away from the club - mainly due to the recent tax evasion issues that have been popping up.

If what Joan Laporta is saying is indeed true and there is a conspiracy of trying to push Lionel Messi into making his way out of Barcelona, Manchester City must be fairly confident that they will be able to sign the Argentine star. Can you imagine the scramble for tickets by fans on sites such as if Messi were to join Arsenal or Manchester City?

The City rumour appears to be hard to believe as Messi has consistently expressed his love and desire to remain with Barcelona until the day he hangs up his boots but in the world of football, but bizarre things have happened and just to give this rumour a spark of reality, Manchester City is one of the few clubs that can actually splash out astronomically high amounts of cash in order to sign their targets and they have the budget needed to sign a player such as Lionel Messi, whether or not this actually happens is something that remains to be seen.

They also have Pep Guardiola as coach, who helped make Messi the player he has become today. The world watches with intrigue.