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Neymar has to choose - Olympics or Copa America

Neymar continues scoring goals on a consistent basis and he is undoubtedly one of the most coveted youngsters in the world of football, it’s hard to deny that the 24 year old Brazilian is one of the top players in the sport and he is proving it with Barcelona in each match with outstanding performances.

The Brazilian national football team has to play in 2 big competitions in this summer which are the Copa America and the Olympic Games.

The head coach of the Brazilian team Dunga is hoping that Neymar will be able to compete in both of these upcoming games but there is the possibility of seeing the young player get exhausted from performing in all of these competitions as well as all of the games that he has to play with Barcelona and this could force Neymar on only being able to play 1 of these approaching competitions.

Neymar is one of the main stars of Barcelona and the Spanish club is under no obligation of having to release their key figures. This means that Barcelona could even forbid Neymar on being able to perform for his national team as they might not want to risk the youngster in getting injured. This could be one of the main reasons that Neymar is consitently being linked with a move away by the likes of, with Manchester United supposedly the most likely option - use this bet365 angebotscode if you think he'll make the move.

Gilmar Rinaldi is the team coordinator of the Brazilian national side and he stated that there will be discussions being made with the players themselves as well as with the clubs in order to decide in which of the upcoming competitions they will be able to perform in.

“We are going to talk with the players and the clubs. It’s a physical question. In the coming days Dunga will give me names of the three over-age players he proposes for the Olympics. After the qualifiers in March against Uruguay and Paraguay, we will talk personally with those players.” Gilmar said.