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Roberto Mancini has expressed his desire to become a national team manager

Roberto Mancini has expressed his desire to become a national team manager at some point in the future.

The Italian national team is currently spearheaded by Antonio Conte, who received the job after doing a fine job with Juventus. Immediately after his arrival, though, that have been rumours thatConte would step down from his post after the Euro 2016. The lack of day-to-day involvement is seen as one of the primary reasons behind a young manager likeConte being linked to club football. Mancini has overseen a successful managerial career spanning clubs like Manchester City and Inter Milan.

He is one of the candidates to take over fromConte when he decides to step down. It remains to be seen if Mancini will be able to take the job as early as next summer. He has been in charge of Inter, who have handed him the job of getting them back into the Champions League and also being the champions of Italy once again. However, the club are so far quite far away from achieving these objectives. Leaving the job right now would be seen as a failure on the part of Mancini. Even though the manager has expressed his interest in the Italian national team job, he says that he has no immediate plans to join.

"I'm still young, so let's wait and see. Of course, after many clubs, I would like it.I had three beautiful years there [as a player]. Lazio were building a very strong side, and they wanted to win things.They were possibly the best years Lazio ever had, together with those under Tommaso Maestrelli. I'd say Lazio were the best team I played for. Maybe we didn't win enough given the quality," said Mancini about the prospect of taking over from Conte.