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Latest News Of Italian Football

For those who are fans of Italian football, the match between Juventus and Fiorentina was exciting to watch.

Though Juventus won in the end, the match was an exciting one as they managed to win against their opposing team who kept up a vigilant front. Juventus has now moved closer to gaining the title in Serie A, fifth time in a row.

For those who missed the match, Massimiliano and his team had the opportunity for a goal in the first half. This was disallowed as Sami Khedira was on the offside. Viola on the other hand, was denied an opening strike. There was more drama in the match. Nikole Kalinic put in an equalizer when there was ten minutes left in the game. However, this was cancelled out as Alvaro Morata struck out soon after that.

Many are celebrating the hero ship of Gianluigi Buffon in this match. He saved his team from a penalty shot from Nikola Kalinic. That in turn put Juventus on a path to winning a record of securing the title of Serie A for the fifth time. The match happened on Sunday, at the Artemio Franchi stadium, which proved to be exciting for the Italian football fans.

Juventus will claim the first title, fifth time in a row if Napoli, placed in the second position, is unable to defeat Roma. The game is scheduled for Monday at Stadio Olimpico. Juve’s fans can be seen rejoicing as they are convinced that they will win the title this year as well, setting the record of winning its fifth time in a row. However, at the Sunday match the game was not an easy one. Morata scrambled to make his team a winner about 83 minutes into the game while Buffon helped by stopping the spot kick rendered by the opposing team’s formidable Croatian player.