Because less players equal more space to pass and move

Prandelli Claims Balotelli Needs More Team Work

Italy’s national team manager Cesare Prandelli has claimed that his star striker Mario Balotelli should start becoming a team player in order to help the team reach the finals or even win the World Cup. Balotelli is regarded as one of the most talented strikers in world football. However, he has had various temperamental and psychological issues over the last few years that have prevented him from taking his game to the next level. Balotelli, though, was a crucial player for Italy as they reached the finals of the Euro 2012.

Prandelli has accepted that a lot of Italy’s hopes rests on Balotelli simply because he does not have much options of front due to the recent injuries for players like Giuseppe Rossi. Troublemaker Balotelli has always been playing well for the Italian national team and Prandelli has been given a lot of credit for this. His excellent form in the Euro 2012 saw them beat Germany by scoring two goals from the AC Milan striker. Italy have a potentially tough World Cup group stages since they will face the likes of Uruguay and Italy. They received some positive news in the form of Uruguay striker Luis Suarez suffering an injury just before the World Cup.

Balotelli has scored a goal in every other game for Milan this season. “Not only does he have to have all the knowledge that even in a few minutes you can make your mark. Put aside 'the' I ', we think of the group,” said Prandelli. Italy take on England in the first match of the tournament. This will be played on June 14. Ahead of the training camp press conference, Prandelli says that not only Balotelli, but every player needs to think about the team rather than their own individual performances ahead of this competition.