Because less players equal more space to pass and move

This season’s Premiership

Putting bets on the team you think will win the Premiership is always one of the most popular outright football bets. It is one that people usually start making well before the season even starts. This year was no exception, but now that it has started, the numbers gambling on the winners will only increase.

Despite their convincing opening day win, Manchester United have dropped to third favourites with the bookmakers – although the odds of 3/1 are hardly steep. Manchester City have now been made the favourites, but are they a good bet?

They have certainly enjoyed a happier summer under new manager Pellegrini than Moyes and United have. Pellegrini identified the players he wanted quickly, and they were snapped up, whereas United have become snared in frustrating sagas over players like Fabregas and Fellaini – and have failed to make real improvements.

However United still have Robin Van Persie, who is better than any of the attackers possessed by City or the other main team in contention – Chelsea – so it would be a brave punter who wrote them off. Indeed, with time still left before the transfer window closes, who knows what changes could yet be made, so the single biggest tip is to see what happens between now and then before betting. Play the football themed slot Game On at any online casino.

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