Because less players equal more space to pass and move

Why Football?

Ever thought to yourself: “Why do I put myself through this?” Well on Saturday afternoon I found myself asking that very question as I sat there watching the Arsenal v Wolves game unfold in front of my eyes. Yes we got the win with the latest of all the late goals we’ve scored this season, but as I came away from a jubilant Emirates Stadium I felt as though I had run a gruelling marathon or even gone the full 12 rounds in a boxing match – I was sapped of all the energy I had.

I have often thought about why I like football. I am very lucky that the brand of football I get to watch week in week out is Arsenal’s, but even that can irritate me. It’s delightful to watch their slick style of play but it can get very frustrating when they dilly-dally around the box looking for the perfect goal.

Sometimes to bring myself back down to earth after watching Arsenal I like to go and watch my local professional team Wycombe Wanderers, who are currently embroiled in an uphill relegation battle to stop the slip in to League Two. I find all the money in the Premier League a bit too baffling and enjoy the authenticity of standing on a terrace watching ‘real football’. I like to call this ‘real football’ because each club in the lower leagues are running on a shoestring budget, and while on a Saturday each one of the starting eleven are seen as heroes, the following day they can do their weekly shopping down at Tesco’s just like you and I.

I am also partial to watching a bit of non-league football and have been to watch Oxford City on a handful of occasions this season and have loved every minute of it. Some of the football can be diabolical at times but I love that because it’s real. A few months back a group of six of us caught the train up to Birmingham and then the connecting train to Stourbridge to watch City. Mental you may say, but this away trip was just as enjoyable as any other I have done.

So, when I come away from Arsenal I like to think myself very lucky to be able to watch them on a weekly basis but when we get to the pub for a refreshing pint I’ll always wait for the Wycombe and Oxford City scores to roll through on Sky Sports News to bring me back down a peg. I think this is why I love football…