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Zappacosta ready to play remainder of the Italian campaign

Davide Zappacosta says that he is 90 per cent fit and is looking forward to playing in the remaining Serie A 2019–2020 season for Roma. He is in a loan deal from Chelsea to Roma on August 2019.
He had suffered aknee injury during the training sessions which led him to stay out of the pitchbut he was not a regular part of the team even before the injury. After taking a long period for his recovery he has returned back and has conveyed his interest to remain in the club for the rest of the season.

<center><img src="" width="500" /></center>Zappacosta on a talk with Sky Sports Italia has said that according to his personal interest he would like to stay in Roma. The defender has only played for the club just 12 minutes and he wants to prove that he can be a good asset to them which would lead his stay in Italy. He wants the management and the fans of the club to see what he is capable of.
“I have worked a lot in these months, I have trained and I have made sacrifices to be available at the restart of the championship. I am doing some sessions completely dedicated to the knee, because it takes time to recover better from this injury. But now I feel 90 per cent fit,” said the defender.

<a href="">The defender moved from Torino to Chelsea</a> in 2017. He had played 52 games for the club and has scored twice. In his first season for Chelsea, he helped them win FA Cup. This was then followed by Europa League which the team won on last year. In the finals against Arsenal, he played as a substitute which they won for 4–1. His contract was extended to June 2022 before he was moved to Roma on loan.
<a href="">Zappacosta said how England and Chelsea have given him the opportunity to be part of many moments. He had a chance</a> to win titles with a great club. Serie A is on the path of recovery and is hoping to return soon as the discussions are going on.