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Conte Recalls His Dinner with Italian Footballer, Vialli

Antonio Conte, the Italian coach did not attend the presence conference to be held on 6th December but honored Gianluca Vialli, his friend on social media by showing a picture they had taken during a dinner in London just a few months ago. He said that Vialli had been a source of inspiration for him.

Vialli passed away at the age of 58 years in London. He had been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. The Italian footballer is a former Cremonese, Sampdoria, and Juventus striker. He is one of the most iconic strikers in Italian football and Serie A's history.

Vialli had been both a coach and player for Chelsea. He arrived at the club in 1996 after he won the Champions League by playing with Juventus. Conte had been a part of the same tea that played for Juventus. Both spent several years in Turin, together and met for dinner in London only recently.

After his death, Conte shared a picture of him meeting Vialli on Instagram. He wrote that they had been having dinner in London just a few months ago and they enjoyed remembering all their battles on the pitch. Conte also wrote that unfortunately, in the last few years, you had to combat a terrible and big one in life. He told and wrote to him that he had been a source of inspiration for him as his captain. According to him, Vialli was proud, strong, and courageous, combating his illness like a lion.

He writes that Gianluca Vialli is always going to be in his heart.

Vialli played for Juventus and scored 53 goals in 145 appearances from 1992-1996, while Conte played for the same club from 1991-2004. They had a good time playing together for the club.